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We Make Brands Shine

Drawing focus on whats really important is what sells your product, custom created backgrounds that draw attention to what you need not only enhances the focal point but generate curiosity to look at your brand and product further.

OrangeRetouch has your back in any situation, making you look good in every way!


Our Full List of Services

High End Photo Retouching

Whether its jewellery, Products, Automotive or even lifestyle we offer high end photo retouching making your brand stand out.

Colour Correction

Cant find that right colour match, we’ve got it for you, add some sparkle to your brand and shine!

Vector Services

Struggling with all those pixels that make your brand look unprofessional and untidy, not to worry, we have the best team in the world ready to vectorise your pixellated images

CGI Renders and Manipulations

High end unique to you, graphics that speak exactly what you want your brand to portray

Clipping Path

Our clipping paths will work perfectly in any online or print publication. Easily drag and drop in InDesign, or QuarkXpress.

Background Removal

Lets get that background out of here, draw some focus on whats really important; your product, shocase individual clean product on your site without any background distractions

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