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Our Little Story

Our Story

One Touch, One Agency, Infinite Possibilities

Way back in 2014 we saw the opportunity to make think great again...

The frustration with product not looking the way they suppose to, the sadness of seeing certain flaws in promotions and online product was the driving force behind OrangeRetouch. We want to make things great again, go back to basics and relook at what a brand advertises, not to make it so vastly different to the real product but to make it look exactly like a product…just better

OrangeRetouch is a small team that knows the difference between good and bad, from Products, Jewellery to Lifestyle and Automotive, we want you to look good and reach the stars.

Some Cool Facts

Numbers Speak For Themselves

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We love coffee, making things look good and most of all, love what we do.

Our Process

One question we seem to answer quiet often is “how do you know wht the product is meant to look like?” Wel we’ve got a small team thats really been around the block, From working with car magazines to jewellery and all sorts of online product sold by large and small corporations, however we still value our research, you more than welcome to send us sample product should we not be able to get it close the first round.

Our Dedication

Have a tight deadline? not to worry we have your back, let us know of any time sensitive projects you make have we’ll push forward and meet your deadline, our team is split into three shifts to ensure productivity and quality.  

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